Meeting in Greece

From 26 March to 1 April, the third Erasmus+ “Edu Care Fully” meeting was held in “3 Geniko Likio Evosmou” in Thessaloniki. Delegations from six European schools visited Greece, consisting of 44 persons in total – 17 of which teachers.

“History and Art” was the basic topic of the meeting.

On Monday 27 March, participants visited the central square of Evosmos and the church of the Annunciation of Virgin Mary and then they headed to the cultural center of Kordelio-Evosmos municipality. There they were all informed of the municipality’s European actions. Also, they attended seminars on exchanging best teaching practices.

The first seminar was held by Ms. Magdalini Tsionki, teacher of English and career counsellor in charge of “Center of Counselling and Orientation” of “Secondary Education Directorate of West Thessaloniki”. Ms. Tsionki presented the open and free e-learning portal “AESOPOS” and an awarded teaching scenario of the English language based on art. Then, Dr. Theodoros Mastoras, IT teacher, presented the fundamental principles of learning gamification and “played” with students the classroom games “Kahoot!” and “Who wants to be a millionaire”.


On Tuesday 28 March, all students presented their projects:

  • An essay on the movie “The Monuments Men”
  • A video with an interview of an expert on a monument and
  • The survey results regarding “History & Art”


On Tuesday evening, all teachers walked along the seafront of Thessaloniki and enjoyed a short cruise of Thermaikos Gulf.


On Wednesday 29 March a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki was held, followed by a tour at the City Hall of Thessaloniki and the White Tower. The Turkish delegation visited Ataturk Museum.


On Wednesday night, teachers enjoyed Greek bouzouki music at a tavern in the city center.


On Thursday 30 March, a day trip was held to the Archaeological Site of the Macedonian tombs of Vergina and then to the town of Edessa.


On Friday 31 March the cultural club “δMLS” of “3 Geniko Likio Evosmou” guided the hosts to the most important sights of Thessaloniki center. Guest teachers and students participated in dancing, singing and acting so as to get in touch with local customs and habits.


Teachers’ meeting was held in the afternoon at the school building, where later, they all attended the farewell party.