Meeting in Latvia

 The fifth meeting of the Erasmus + EduCareFully project took place at the Lubana High School in Lubana, Latvia, from 15 to 21 September 2017. Teachers attended seminars on “Promoting Emotional Balance with the help of activities and exercises for children with special needs “,” Healthy lifestyle ” in the areas of psychology, special needs education and in ​​Information Technology,” for better performance in IT “,” IT for planning and evaluation of classes ” and “scratch”. “We could attend Anita Tropa’s English classes and see the use of IT.

A cultural trip took place in the city of Riga, which included, among others, a visit to the monument of freedom, visit and climb to the tower of the church of San Pedro, where we could have a panoramic view of the city and visit other monuments and places of interest in riga. We culminated in a town’s history guided tour. Still in Riga, we visited the chocolate museum(a very tasting and interesting place). The students had participated in a game using tablets, discovering the most important places and monuments in Riga. we had participated in a practical seminar introducing traditional Latvian games. Other trips were made to the Toraida castle and to Viepiebalga (where there are many important cultural objects in this territory – the Lutpie Church of Vecpiebalga, the ruins of the castle of Vecpiebalga, the barony property of Vecpiebalga, as well as places where several distinct figures from the Latvian world of culture lived and worked ) and to a porcelain factory where it was possible to work a small piece of porcelain. We also visited Podini, a huge pine tree nursery typical of the region, we also saw the different phases of this tree, from the sowing, passing through the different greenhouses and later adaptation to the environment and its packing and shipping to different destinations.
We also visited the museum of musical instruments in Gaigalava and the largest lake of Latvia called “lubans”. The students made and presented their works at school and we did a guided walking tour in the city of Lubana, was carried out to learn about its origin and history.

It was also decided that the meeting in Bocholt, Germany will take place from 18th to 24thFebruary 2018.