Seminar Germany

Seminar Germany

Silke Brune-Berns 

  • “New methods for teaching local economy and marketing. A case history” – 19th February 2018
  • “Bilingual school education and school-leaving qualifications

Students: Felix Niemann, Darius Leson

  • “Noontime supervision of younger students – 19th February 2018

Andreas Döring    

  • “Inclusion – opportunities at Mariengymnasium for students with special needs – 20th February, 2018

Sven Brinkmann  

  • “Career guidance at Mariengymnasium”

Social Worker Morea Kleinewegen – 22nd February, 2018

  • “Social Work at school”


Meeting Turkey


Walking through the streets from  the old city center, we coud visit Gülhane park, an extraordinary park and its beaut,  different varieties of tulips with so different and nice colors.
Another typical Istanbul location is the Bazaars, of which the Egyptian Bazaar stands out, where you can find a bit of everything and especially spices.
The newest mosque is located near this Bazaar, where we passed and crossed the Galata bridge towards the Galata Tower.

The visit of Panorama Museum shows us the history of taking Istanbul, it refers to an event that occurred
on May 29, 1453, when this Byzantine city was seized by the Ottoman Turks led by Sultan Mehmed II.
View of the Kariye Museum (Chora) and the Mayor of Bayrampaşa. Bayrampaşa is suburban district of Istanbul, Turkey on the European side of the city.
We visited Workshops in a Turkish Islamic Center “the Art of Calligraphy” and “The Art of Tile” in which in addition to the final result, we could try and learn the process of creation.

Meeting of teachers in the Sultan’s chamber at the Bayrampaşa Youth Center.
Seminar on “History of Greek-Byzantine-Ottoman and Turkish” by Mrs.Sümeyye Eroğlu.
Seminar on “21st Century Skills for Today’s Students” by Mrs.Sermin Can and Seminar on “Multiculturalism” by Mr.Yücel Kılıç.

Teachers’ Final Project Meeting.
We Visited to Topkapı Palace, Hagia Sophia Museum, Sultanahmet Blue Mosque Basilica Cistern. On the Transition from Europe to Asia: Visit to Maiden’s (Leander’s) Tower and Çamlıca Hill (one of the 7 hills), Bosphorus Boat Tour Shows and Farewell Party.

All the days we had working at turkish school to know the school activities, school projects, teachers and students. Everyday we had meetings to work in the final project, about the resources, the different contributions and timings to finish all the documents and works in time.

The webpage, the moodle, the booklet, the photos, the dissemination and the coordination leading by Alessandra Castelli helped by all delegations.

Summarizing, we can say that all the distribution of work was checked and revised, all noted what remained to be completed, having defined a timetable for the different phases of document completion, tabulation of results and conclusions, dissemination of conclusions. The dissemination has been worked from the beginning, from the dissemination in leaflets, posters, publications in newspapers and magazines, school pages among others.