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MA Islamic Arts student and art editor: Mrs. Sumeyye Eroglu

“Turk and Byzantine Art in Istambul”     25th April 2018

The congregation Mosque, Masjid is one of the most important institutions of Muslim world also the predominant architectural outcome of Muslim art.

Mosque refers not to merely a single building form but a multifunctional institution where the act of prayer is the main part of it together with social, cultural, educational and other activities related to the society. 

When we define the Mosque in the light of Islam – Kur’an and Hadith, we see that the prayer area is a sanctuary, “If the whole earth is a masjid, why do we build mosques as architectural monuments? Because masjids are built as the places where Allah is remembered. In Kur’an there is an ayah saying: In the houses [of worship] which God has allowed to be raised so that His name be remembered in them, there [are such as] extol His limitless glory at morn and evening – (Kur’an, 24:36) Prayer (remembrance of Allah) is universally accepted to be the basic reason for the existence of the mosque. Hence, this is the most important function of the Mosque. For the authenticity of the prayer we have some criteria and principles when we built mosques.

Mrs.Sermin Can   

21st Century Skills For Today’s Students” – 25th April 2018

Throughout human history, education has been shaped by the societal needs of the societies. There is ample evidence all around us of the many changes the 21st century has brought to our lives. It is obvious that our school systems require to respond better to a changing world. We live in a more competitive and interdependent world.

To compete and win in the global economy, today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders need another set of knowledge and skills. If today’s students want to compete in this global society, they must also be proficient communicators, creators, critical thinkers, and collaborators. By promoting the capacity to learn and grow, learning and innovation skills facilitate the mastery of other 21st century skills. They need to rely on critical thinking and problem solving to create innovative solutions to the issues facing our world.

Today’s students must be prepared to solve these challenges. Every child should have the opportunity to acquire and master these skills and our schools play a vital role in making this happen.

Prof.Mr.Yücel KILIÇ 25th April 2018


The first problem is the parents socio-cultural origin The people  who has socio-economic problems are mostly from lower social classes. They can not take care their childrens education, they want to do more, but they don’t  have enough money. The real question they are doing, is  earn Money or have better education.
Many immigrants don’t know very well the local language. 
We have to give them education and tell them about human rights. Becuse many  immigrants are coming from poor countries who have many political and social problems, they haven’t a diploma.

Their social status is very low, they are coming from rural areas in their countries, especially the first imigrantion generation that don’t ask for education.

Other main problem is language. Most of immigrant don’t know local language very well. Suprisely they are using poor mother language. Because they didn’t go to school. They cann’t learn foreign languages because they don’t know their own native language.
Besides that young people get harden to learn the languages of the countries from where they had immigrated, because they don’t know the entire grammer of their native language. 

Most of  students feels like they are out of class, because they have the feelings they don’t share same values and they dont know local language. So, the result is they are getting more introverted and some students can be  more agressive and angry because they are feeling excluded,

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